Frequenty Asked Questions

Can you drink on the bus, or bring food on? No, we will sell water and energy drinks.

Is there a bathroom on the bus? No

Is there security on the bus? Yes, and if anything were to get out of control, that person will most likely be arrested. That is not a threat, it's a promise.

How many people can fit on the bus? 22

Can you rent the bus out when it's not during the times of the SafeRide Program? Yes, email us the details of the event.

Why does it end at 1 am? So when you get dropped off at a location by 1 am, it gives you an hour and a half to secure a ride home. It's state law that you CAN'T be in a bar past bar close.

How does this service work? See the home page for details.

Why is the app not one you can download from the App Store or Google Play? This is a startup business and not knowing 100% if enough people will use it, we went the less costly route a web-app that you save to your home screen. This way, there will NOT be all the updates being sent to your phone.

Does the bus take me home? No, the SafeRide program does! Also, there's Taxi/Uber/Lyft.

Does the bus have a bike rack on it? No.

Can I smoke on the bus? NO. Nor the use of any drugs.

What is the SafeRide Program? It's funds set aside from the Tavern League to cover for that ride home. As of now, each bar pays a $5/per person to get you home.

Can I get a token without paying for a drink? No, you need to buy a drink of some kind and then you can buy the token for your bus ride.

How do I get on a different route? Richard Craniums is the hub where all 3 buses meet up to change routes. And you don't need to get a ride there, find the closest bar to you from the website and get a ride there to start out.

Why doesn't the bus pick me up from home? It wouldn't make sense for a bus to get you, when you can pay for a ride or get dropped off. If you pay for that ride to start the night, then we have your ride home.

What if I don't have a smart phone? All the bars should have the bouncer with it on their phone, or they have it on a TV to see where the bus is too.

How long does the bus wait for me? NOT long at all, you can see where the bus is at all times. You should be ready when it comes. And NO, the bus will not wait for you to say goodbye to everyone in the bar.

How do I pay online? When you login to the site, you have the chance to pay a one-time fee of $5/per person to ride the bus all night long. When and after you've paid, the background of your phone will turn Green for paid. Just show your phone to the driver when entering the bus.

Why are there tokens/chips being used to ride the bus? This is how we know that you paid your fee to ride the bus; that token/chip is good for one ride. You give your token/chip to the driver, then repeat for the rest of the night.